(OBUGAD)- The House of Gad

(OBUGAD)- The House of Gad.” He erected his house as well as a temple with an altar. He called the temple OBUGAD, in honour of his father Gad; the temple survived and had been preserved as the most Holy place in Enugwu Aguleri and serves as the palace of Ezeora.

It is the palace of the most ancient dynasty in Igbo Land and the general/collective temple of the descendants of Eri.

Sometime n October 29th 1995, a team of Israeli (Jewish) Researchers stormed Enugwu Aguleri after a visit to Agu-Ukwu Nri, on the previous day and Visited His Majesty, Eze Eri, Informing him that they have come in search of the lost tribes of Israel. According to the visiting team, their research work has taken them to various places in the world Including Sudan, Egypt and Jamaica etc. They were received at OBUGAD Palace in Enugwu Aguleri by Eze Eri and the entire Aguleri Communities.

The team visited historical and cultural sites

  • Agbanabo Ezu-na-Omabala (the confluence of Ezu and Omabala rivers)
  • Otutunzu
  • ObuGad Ezeora Palace
  • Odanduli
  • Ama Atta
  • Foot steps of Eri at Agbanabo
  • Ogodo Stream
  • Ama Menri
  • Graveyard of Menri
  • Ngene me ezi ezi Atta
  • Grave yard of Eri
  • Ajana Ukwu
  • Ovilivo e.t.c

On the understanding and belief that the Igbo have been traced to the LOST TRIBE OF ISRAEL through Aguleri, His Majesty Eze A.E. Chukwuemeka Eri, Eze Eri, Ezeora 34th, Eze Aka Ji Ofor Igbo was appointed leader of the Igbo-Israelites in West-Africa in May 1996, during a conference of king Solomon Igbo-Israelites (Bani-Israel) Federation, held in Philadelphia, U.S.A. the conference was aimed at increasing the brotherly relationship and cohesion among the tribes of Israel Worldwide.

Again in 1997, another team of Bani-Israelites from King Solomon Igbo-Israelites (Bani-Israel) Federation visited Nigeria and came to Aguleri to fine-tune the research findings of 1995. The team’s discovery at Obugad in Enugwu- Aguleri attracted comments from a renowned historian, Prof. O.Alaezi as follows:

“There is a very significant concentration of Eri, the fifth son of Gad (See Gen. 46:16) in Aguleri, Anambra state where recently a very important discovery of a clear evidence of Israel ancestral origin of the Igbo was made in the domain of Eze Eri in Enugwu Aguleri at the instance of the Bani-Israel team which was on a fact-finding mission in 1997.

There and then one of the memorial onyx stones for the sons of Israel as the lord commanded Moses (see exodus 39:7) was discovered and identified as such by the team leader from King Solomon Israelite (Bani-Israelite) federation. On the stone discovered in Enugwu Aguleri was engraved the name Gad in the Aramaic language reminding one of the writings in Exodus 39:14, there were twelve stones, one for each of the names of the sons of Israel, each engraved like a seal with the name of the twelve tribes.”

The video of the visits, research findings, identification of similarities in cultural activities and other converging factors, which establish the relationship between Aguleri and the Bani-Israel, was later sent to Eze Eri by the research team.

29 thoughts on “(OBUGAD)- The House of Gad

    • As an Agulerian i’m here in Germany and follow up this significant revlations.. i’m speechless… all i want is how to carry on here what i need to do!?

      Augustine EZE is like a Father to me do visit his house in Lagos when i was still young as far back as 1993 … I KNEW HIS KINGSHIP Titlement but never knew what its all about.

      We have now rising Agulerian presnce and migration here in Germany and putting this trations and awareness update for our children here also is very important and this is the goal i want to archieve.

      more Details and communication will be highly needed.

      E. K Olisa

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  1. Many thanks to everyone of you directly or indirectly connected to this wonderful reunion of wonderful tribes of Israel.Black or white,color is immaterial,but the blood in our vein is more important than the color of our skin.From Israel through U.S to Igbos(Hebrews) of Nigeria we have a common destiny.Our presence is felt in every country or community we find ourselves.Thanks once again.

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  2. Professor Catherine Acholonu shared this on a forum recently – “His Royal Majesty, Eze Chukwuemeka Eri, EZEORA AKA JI OVO IGBO has renounced the Gad hypothesis. He says it short-changes his people’s ancient history as kings of the sun and kings of world. He says tht name similarity alone is not enough to confirm identity. He regrets tht his ppl have believed this misnomer for decades and abandoned their Akuko-ana, Omanana and Odinana to pursue another foreign identity, and tht this mistake has dragged Ndi Igbo deeper into limbo. Ezeora invites Igbo scholars to not abandon the true historical myths and legends of Eri and his descendants in search of invented histories tht have no PROVEN roots in Igboland, but to fearlessly exhume and expose the true Igbo ancestral history for the edification of Ndi Igbo and the world. Ezeora says tht he believes Hebrews/Israelites are of the Eri clans and enjoins researchers to search out which of the Eri clans the Hebrews come from. He maintains tht Eri has neither father nor mother as all Eri mythologies have maintained. He encourages brotherly love and sharing between Ndi Igbo and their Israelite brethren across the seas, but enjoins Ndi Igbo to not loose their IGBO identity in the process. Issued from the OBU UGA Most Ancient Palace of Eri, 14th Sept. 2012.”

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  3. This is a great article except that it calls Igbo descendants of Jews. This is a great insult for the great Igbo which is short for Ndi-Gboo) means ancient people – I mean the relatives of God whom He calls his ancient people Isaiah 44:7. Hold your horses! I am not anti Israel for I am a semite of the first rank and a Levite High Priest by birth. I just completed and published my research findings that traced Abraham to Igboland through his maternal grandfather, Kanabo to a Temple in Akamkpisi in Agukwu, Anambra State, Nigeria. I also confirmed that Igbo language is older than the the universe. It is the original Hebrew language that God spoke and taught Adam and Eve to speak. The Jews do not speak the original Hebrew and no Jew even those in Israel can tell you the meanings of the names in the Bible. Igbo language is the only language that can do that. For example, the Jewish greeting “Shalom” does not mean “peace” and no Jew can prove it. Another thing, it is insult to use the word Jew to refer to the enitre tribes of Israel. And Gad is just one of the tribes of Israel in Nigeria. Though I come from a Levite priestly clan of Uno Odu in Oraivite, Anambra State, the Edo Shrine was erected in Nnewi, Oraivite, and Ichi (Ishi) by remants of the tribes of Gad, Reuben and half-tribe of Mennasseh. The Levites are also scattered all over Igboland. The City of Ida (Judah) in the ancient kingdom of Ida (Judah) in Kogi State, Nigeria today is the only city of Judah established outside the land of Israel by a descendant of King David whose name is Asadu. So, we Judah in Nigeria, as well as Issachar, Benjamin, Zebulun and may others we don’t know yet, for Igbo land and the entire southern Nigeria Habor the highest concentration and population of Israelites anywherer in the world. The title of my book is “BEFORE THE COVENANTS: Tracing Abraham the Hebrew to the Temple at Ezi Kanabo” My Website address is http://www.beforethecovenants.com. Thanks..

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    • @sony that is not true.how come every king elects of nri comes to aguleri to pay homage and sacrifice to the dieties for 12 day before coronation?how come no son of nri breaks kolanut except permited by aguleri. son?how come there is no burial site for menri except in aguleri?dont forget in Igbo land,the first son takes the father’s place also no archaeologist fact and evidence found in nri.


    • Professor Acholonu’ must have done some hand twisting on Eze Eri if what she wrote is the truth which I very much doubt. But I just have one question for her – Prof, did you read the Aramaic writing on the stone at Obu Gad? Eze Eri is not a small boy of yesterday, therefore if you go to him with your mind already visibly made up on the answer you want to choose, he would help you out quickly and set you on your way .
      A researching professor should be able to investigate whether Eze Eri can write in Aramaic language. Sorry ma but we wont waste time on this. I believe that if he had told you that your great grand father was the original Eze Eri you would have been happier. Research around Aguleri and environs and see for yourself.

      Eri did not fall down from Heaven, but because his appearance was sudden without explanation and his geography white different from the surrounding humans if any around then, he was said to have fallen from Heaven. In our area we still ask if a child fell from Heaven when he does not resemble any of his kinsmen.

      Eri travelled through the waters and arrived at Agbanabo Ezu na Omambala. He died and was burried in Agulueri.
      Good morning Ma.

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      • Prof. Catherine Acholonu was a true scholar. She does not deal in fictions but on verifiable facts. I love her so much. No one has ever accomplished what she was able to accomplish. I respect her so much. I also respect Eugene Akannam. They are both great. Acholonu was a very intelligent true daughter of the Igbo race. I am so proud of her anywhere anytime. God bless the Igbo race. God keep Prof. Catherine Acholonu. God bless Eugene Akannam.

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    Who are the Ndigbo?
    One who does not know where he or she comes from can never know where he or she is going.
    Likewise, he or she who is ignorant of yesterday can never do well tomorrow.
    -Duru, Blessing .O.
    Every Yoruba or Hausa child you aske about his origin will tell you about Oduduwa and Abuyazid respectively, and also tell you where they migrated from. On the contrary, an Igbo man or woman will know who colonized America, where the people came from but is ignorant of the origin of the Igbo people. Worst of all, our so-called great historians are yet to reach agreement on the origins of the Igbo people. Some of them even went as far as accepting the white man’s distortion of Igbo spellings like Awkuzu (Okuzu), Onitsha (Onicha) etc. Our people are not yet ready to sit up and work. This attitude has led to three different schools of thought as regards the Igbo origin.

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  5. The true and authentic descendant of Eri is Umueri. Umueri in Igbo language means children of Eri. There’s no identity stronger than name giving to a child by his father. Igbos attach so much emotions in naming of their child(esp the first child), suffice to say that every Igbo name must have a meaning in Igbo language. Any community that claims direct descendant of Eri should be humble enough to tell us the meaning of their name in Igbo. I am a proud son and descendant of Eri. I am from Umueri.

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    • So without proper study of history.armed only with a denotative interpretation of a name,u name Umueri the only legitimate descendant of Eri.

      I don’t normally do this but you are to be most pitied.


  6. The Erites, Arodites and Arelites
    Chapter 7
    Gad had 7 sons:
    1st son: Ziphion
    2nd son: Haggi
    3rd son: Shuni
    4th son: Ezbon
    5th son: Eri & the Erites
    6th son: Arodi & the Arodites
    7th son: Areli & the Arelites
    Gen 46:16
    Gad had 7 sons: Ziphion, Haggi, Shuni, Ezbon, Eri, Arodi, and Areli Gen 46:16
    Thus, the Erites Num 26:15-18 are the so called Igbos living in Nigeria who have the following proof that they are of the lost Hebrew tribe of Gad.

    According to Igbo scholars and authorities, Eri had 5 sons and 1 daughter
    Eri’s sons:
    1st son: Agulu settled in Obu-Gad, Aguleri
    3 wives: Ada, Omali and Eke
    4 sons: Ivite, Igboezunu, Enugu and Ezaim… which are today components of the modern day town of Aguleri.
    2nd son: Atta settled in what is known today as Umekete in Aguleri, later moving to Igala in Kogi State.
    3rd son: Oba settled in Ugwu Ogodo (Ogodo hill).
    4th son: Igbo settled in Mbito (current day Aguleri) and founded: Igboetti, Igbooda, and Igboeze.
    5th son: Meneri settled in Okpu and founded: Nri, Enugu, Ukwu, Amanuke Nawfia, Enugu-Agodi, and Igboukwu.
    Eri’s daughter: Adamgbo settled in Obu-Gad, Aguleri
    Eri. He blessed and then settled each of his children in different places and left his firstborn at Obu-Gad (Compound/Camp of Gad) where Eri ended up settling and building a throne and altar in honor of his father Gad unto YHWH, the G-d of His father. Agulu inherited Eri’s Ofo (scepter) to rule over his brothers. Adamgbo also stayed at Obu-Gad in Aguleri to help her brother. Atta’s kingdom was raided by the Agala where Igala takes its name, but the Agala agreed to leave Atta’s throne to Atta’s descendants. Oba’s settlement was south of Eri called Ugwu Ogodo (Ogodo hill), Edom ended up take over Oba’s kingdom. The territories of the modern day Edo and Benin tribes of Nigeria is said to originally belong to Oba. Igbo was said to have developed the art of herbal medicines. Agulu before he died took the Ofo given to him by his father Eri to his third son Enugu and that Enugu’s descendants should hold and pass down the Ofo and have the rights of kingship and to be able to appoint other kings. But neither Eri, Agulu or Enugu made them selves kings during their life, but were content to be the elder, cultural and spiritual leader of their people. The Aguleri dynasty can be traced back to Engugu’s son and hence from there all they way back to Eri, the son of Gad.


  7. Its nice coming together.

    Tomorrow is the Olili-Obibia Eri Festival in honour of Eri at ObuGad palace,Umuezeora Enugu Aguleri.

    Be witnesses and have updates on twitter with hashtags #RoyalDay #OliliObibiaEri

    make it trend.


  8. Gad had Jehovah, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as his God. It is assumed that Eri must have done the same. Then at what point does shrine, idol worship and polytheism came into the descendants of Eri and Igbo’s in general.


    • YOU have been deceived. Shrine means ‘holy place of worship’. It is in no way has anything to do with Satan. The word ‘Alusi’ wrongly referred to as Idols are not Idols on their own; but the worship of Alusi is Idolatory. For instance, if you worship the Son of God; then you are worshiping Idol (Idol Worship). Alusi like ‘Ala’ the same called Allah (worshiped by Muslims) is the custodian of human moralities. God kept them to guide our moral conducts. They are not bad as we were meant to believe by the whites. But the way and manner in which the Islam venerate ‘Ala’ has now made it an Idol (to them). All Glory and Praises go to God (Alone). There are other Alusi like Kamanuozuzu (Kanu), Amadioha etc.. These are agents of God. For example, if you commit atrocities against the land, ‘Alla’ might strike you to death (it is there for the goodness of mankind).

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  9. Modern day analogy of Hebrew(igbo) and Israel: high level of intelligence, Igbo is to Nollywood what Jews is to Hollywood, aggressiveness, wealthy, igbos are scattered all over the World, both experienced war about the same period, second to none mentally, targeted killings by muslim neigbours, surrendered by those who envy and hate them, having natural intuition and curiousity of a common origin etc. Igbos are already described as Jews by other Nigerians.


  10. Imagine, instead of realizing whom you really are, you just waste your time bragging about being direct disc end ants of Erie.

    Listen, I’m not saying that it is bad to be among God’s chosen people. No! I’m only saying that you are turning it into a different thing entirely. A kinda creating barriers between Agulerians and the rest of Igbos. I’m a true son of my father, I’m an Igbo. I’m called ‘WaWa’ because I’m from Nkanu. Nothing can ever be greater than being an Igbo; not even Israelite. I tried to find out about Nkanu people and its connection with WaWa and I got different info. Some do say that they are the ‘Children of God’ which I still don’t understand, but a man said that they are of the tribe of Judah. I still need to do some research based on my Origin.

    One thing seems to be very clear. The entire South Eastern Nigeria seems to be full of Igbos(Hebrews) and Israelites.



  11. I always want to know more of where we are from and how we got here. with this info i can support to tell other how it happened. thank you sir, You will reign forever. HRM


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